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Green Team Lawn Service Monthly Tips


Save yourself some money! Cut down on watering your yard till the end of February. Too much watering during the winter months can cause fungi and root rot. Tip use the water percentage on your timer. This is easier than changing each zone.



Crepe Myrtles- Technically they are not supposed to be trimmed, but as long as they are healthy, I feel that trimming them is no more than a matter of opinion.  February is the best month to trim them. Also, if you fertilize your yard, now is the time for weed and feed.



Springtime is the best time of year for many things such as, cleanups landscaping, annuals and sod. In Florida, you should only sod during the cooler months of the year February 15th-April 15th is the best time. Also, October and November are good times in the fall season.  Too hot of weather and your sod will have a harder time with fungus and Pests.



Surprisingly, this is a very dry month of the year. Checking your irrigation is a must. Make sure to increase the time per zone or just raise the water percentage on your timer. If you still have dry spots, look for problems in the sprinklers. This month is also good time for mulching. The leaves have stopped falling so your mulch will stay nice and without debris.


This is a good time of the year to put a pesticide application down to prevent bugs from attacking your lawn. Chinch bugs love warmer weather and dry yards. Watch out for spots in your yard that look dry and have yellow blades of grass, but after you water them they still look like they’re not getting better. Rain storms start at the end of May so do not forget to turn down your water, as this can also cause fungus.



Rain storms should be more prevalent at this time of year. Your turf should be growing and filling in quickly. A good forethought is; do I have any trees or palms that need to be trimmed or removed. Afternoon thunderstorms can cause a lot of damage to your home or office, and so can Hurricanes in following months.



Rain sensors are great this time of year, because even with all the rain, in the afternoon we do not recommend shutting down your sprinkler timer. Just a short time with your timer off and a lot of damage can happen to your lawn. Extreme heat can dry you lawn out in no time.



Hot, Hot, Hot! Weeds are starting to pop up at alarming rates. Pre emergents are a good way to block out weeds after you have killed them with round up. Pre emergent’s keep new seeds from germinating for about three months. Mulching will also keep down on weeds.



Towards the end of this month is a good time for annuals, such as; Begonias, Marigolds, Alyssum, Impatiens and Phlox. Making it a point to start with putting in your annuals at the beginnings of the seasons helps to ensure you enjoy your annuals as long as possible.



There are only a few months of the year that are good to put down sod. October and November are also a good time to re-sod. Even though winter is coming in a few months putting down sod during this time of year is good, because sod only needs about one month to get its roots intact.



During this time of year is a good time to put down a Fungicide to prevent brown patch that seems to be very prevalent in Nov- Dec. Look out for spots that have golden rings and brown grass in the middle. Midsummer herbicide control becomes difficult due to extreme heat. November is another month that we recommend putting down weed and feed.



Remember to bring in or cover cold sensitive plants when temperatures get to or below freezing temperatures. Now is the time to build root systems so that cold weather will not damage turf during the winter months. Example 9-2-14 first and last numbers should be close.

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